Monday, March 19, 2007


My Blog this week is dedicated to the NYPD.

Sometimes the boys in blue are not what we would hope them to be and sometimes they are more and go silent in their dedication, other times they go about doing what they do and we notice or we don’t.

Three different stories, highlighting a week in the New York City Police Department, with countless other stories that will never be told or heard or remembered.

And Justice for Sean . . . .
March 19, 2007

By Janet Walker

New York, NY – Today, just days before what would have been Sean Bell's three month wedding anniversary, a Queens County Grand Jury handed down an eight count indictment formally charging three of the five officers that massacred him on his Wedding Day forcing full accountability for the viciousness of the crimes.

The NYPD officers, Michael Oliver and Gescard Isnora, were each charged with manslaughter, assault and reckless endangerment. A third officer, Marc Cooper, was charged with two counts of reckless endangerment. Two other officers who were involved in the exchange of gunfire have not been charged in the groom’s death.

Richard Brown, Queens County D.A., issued a statement regarding the duty of the Grand Jury stressing that the outcome of the grand jury does not equate to the guilt of the officers. When a Grand Jury is convened their charge is to conclude, over the course of evidence presentation, if there is enough evidence by law to formally charge an individual with a crime. It is the trial jury’s charge to evaluate the evidence and conclude guilt or innocence.

The extent of the investigation, according to the Press Statement issued by the Queens D.A, included presentation of over 500 exhibits, the interviewing of over 100 witnesses, twenty-two days of Grand Jury testimony and according to law personal accounts from the officers and supporting witnesses.

The shooting sparked outrage by civic and community leaders. The Rev. Al Sharpton has been acting as Victim’s Advocate for Sean’s family and fiancĂ©, Nicole Paultre, and has issued the following statement, "No one has the right even with badge and uniform to become the judge, jury and executioner." He also stated, "We are not looking for revenge. We are looking for it to not happen again."

The shooting outside the Jackson Heights Queens nightclub left a spray of bullets around the area including a local occupied Air Train Station and an occupied neighborhood residence both of which were included in the indictments. The NYPD's Internal Affairs, has had to look at other issues besides the obvious including the more sensitive issues such as undercover profiling procedures and the "wanting to impress" factor. These issues not detailed in the indictments will be issues raised in the trial.

The undercover operation left Sean Bell dead, and two others, Trent Benefield and Joseph Guzman injured and a family that will mourn.

Quoting Richard Pompelio founder of the New Jersey Crime Victim's Law Center, "When someone is murdered, there is created a river of grief that will continue to flow until everyone who ever knew that person is dead."
For Sean's family, fiancé, daughter, that is going to be a long, long time.

Four Dead, Including Two Auxiliary Officers, in West Village Shooting Rampage
March 14, 2007
By Janet Walker

New York, NY – Manhattan's Greenwich Village erupted in gunfire last night as two NYPD Auxiliary police officers and two others were killed in a exchange of gun fire that began with an botched robbery and ended with the perpetrator dead on the sidewalk.

The initial assault began about 9:00PM on the corner of Houston and Sullivan Streets in the usually peaceful area of Greenwich Village, a Bohemian section of New York City, where a single gunman walked into De Marco's Pizzeria, one of many open-air eateries in the area, and after asking for a menu opened fire on the bartender.

According to local news reports the perpetrator was fleeing the scene on foot and two NYPD Auxiliary police officers, Eugene Marshalik, 19, and Nicholas Todd Pekearo, 28, followed him into the Lion’s Head Bar about four blocks away near Bleecker and Sullivan Streets where the gunman shot and mortally wounded the officers.

NYPD officers responded to the scene and the shooter exchanged gunfire wounding several officers before he was killed. The shooter has been identified as David Gavin, 32, a New York City resident, who appears to have targeted the DeMarco's bartender, Alfredo Romano, 35.
Early reports indicated robbery may have been the motive, although no witnesses have been able to confirm robbery as a motive. At press time, a single motive has not been determined.

According to Police reports, as many as 23 rounds of ammunition were discharged and the gunman was found to be carrying a 9mm semiautomatic pistol. NYPD also recovered a .380 caliber semiautomatic handgun along with a bag of ammunition belonging to the shooter.

The two officers showed their dedication and passion for New York by volunteering for the NYPD Auxiliary and eventually gave the ultimate sacrifice of dying in the line of duty.

NYPD auxiliary officers patrol the streets, unarmed, as first eyes for their NYPD brothers. Often overlooked, the Auxiliary Officers maintain the same spirit of civic mindedness and duty to the calling as their fellow officers. Many Auxiliaries continue the calling and take the NYPD test. Auxiliary Officers are usually dispatched to patrol the many major events that New York City hosts allowing NYPD foot patrols, mounted units, and other specialty units of the NYPD to maintain an even greater police presence in trouble spots and other background units to prepare contingency plans in case of need.

Ironically, the shoot-out occurred on the same day that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed into legislation the Nightlife Security Package that contains three bills enhancing nightlife security through the installation and use of video surveillance equipment and other safety measures.

Routine Traffic Stop Nets Drug Bust in Upper Manhattan
March 15, 2007

By Janet Walker

New York, NY – A routine traffic stop late yesterday afternoon in the Hamilton Heights section of Manhattan disrupted the afternoon calm as the Police Service Area 6 (PSA) Housing Bureau Police with the assistance of the New York Police Department’s 30th precinct arrested two men for traffic violations and drug possession.

The scene unfolded with a Ford Taurus running several traffic stops. According to Lt. James Giblin, of the NYPD's 30th precinct the PSA6 Police pursued the vehicle for traffic violations. The Police indicated to the driver of the vehicle that he was to pull the car over. He did not. The Police called the 30th for backup.

The driver of the vehicle, an African American Male in his early twenties, stopped the car at 143rd Street and Broadway. At that time, he jumped from the vehicle. NYPD officers followed him. The officers created a net at 145th Street and Broadway where the suspect ran directly to them and was apprehended.

The vehicle, a late model Ford Taurus, was given a cursory search at the scene by Detectives. It was then an airtight package containing ten to twelve ounces of Marijuana was discovered. The package, hidden in the wheel well section of the trunk, had been opened. The vehicle was impounded for further inspection. Preliminary reports revealed no outstanding warrant against the vehicle.

The second suspect also an African American male in his early twenties was arrested at the scene. There were no weapons found at the scene or on the men.

"It was a Housing Bureau arrest with the help of the 30th precinct," stated Lt. Giblin, of the 30th precinct. "The Housing Bureau spotted the vehicle driving erratically. They pursued them and called for assistance. The suspects were taken to Police Service Area 6 Housing Bureau were they have been charged with drug and traffic violations."

Unlike the Auxiliary NYPD Officers, Manhattan’s New York Police Department's Housing Bureau Officers provide for security and delivery of Police Services in and around New York City's Public Housing Projects. Staten Island is the only borough that does not include a NYPD Housing Unit. The other Boroughs that encompass New York City include Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx. Queens and the Bronx operate a joint Housing Bureau; Manhattan and Brooklyn each have individual units.

The Housing Bureau Officers are dedicated to reducing the level of criminal activity within their zones in order to create a better quality of life for the 420,000 resident, employees, and guests of New York City's Public Housing. There are nine Police Service Area specialty units within the New York City’s Police Department.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007


The New York City Council "Symbolically" Bans The Word Nigger

By Janet Walker
6 March 2007

New York, NY – By a unanimous vote, New York's City Council adopted a resolution on February 28, 2007 that called for a symbolic ban on the use of the racial epithet, Nigger, by all citizens of the five boroughs. The action, left largely up to the individual citizen to enforce, does not carry a fine or imprisonment.

Researching the request "Word Nigger Banned" resulted in 255,000 Google entries. Although, all results did not reflect on the current New York City Ban the fact is that the symbolic ban reached both an international and domestic audience with newspapers and websites around the world voicing their account of the "largely symbolic" ban on the use of a single word.

It is important to understand that the deep seeded feelings associated with the use of the word belong, as all feelings belong, to the individual expressing them. Every person is entitled to his or her own feelings and responsible for the actions that may stem from those feelings. Individual City Councils cannot ban words without taking away the freedom of the whole society to enjoy the freedoms of speech.

New York City Council has set a tone that resonates of political attachment to the future and political detachment to the past. Hip-hop rappers have made the word common, taking away the 1950's stigma. Children of the Civil Rights Movement have a connotation of the word that creates within them a negative feeling, a feeling of separate and not equal, memories, of "colored" signs, of Selma and Montgomery those are leftover feelings that are within the individual. Just as the Stonewall riots create the same feeling in the gay community.

It is called pushing buttons like only family can. Your family knows all the right words to say to make you angry. Moreover, if you live in a distant city and travel to visit on the holidays you can be sure that by the last three days of the vacation every member of your family will say everything that has ever made you angry.

The "N" word revisits a place where some people remember only hatred and cannot see past the lynchings, the violence, the hatred based on ignorance, on history, on generational beliefs. Saying the word is like pushing the buttons like only family can.

The attempts at banning free speech have a storied history in America. The most targeted are groups who choose to voice hate rhetoric and go against mainstream society. According to Norman Siegel, the then Executive Director for the New York Civil Liberties Union in a 1999 article posted on BBC News – Americas, who stated, "Regardless of the message, the First Amendment says that people have a right to express their views."

That is why the White Supremacist group, the Klu Klux Klan, are given permits to gather in public and give speeches. While the message this group propagates is distasteful to the majority of society the protections afforded all citizens of the United States under the First Amendment are for all citizens.

Speech and its protections fall into two categories under the law, protected and not protected. The simplest explanation of speech that is not protected and the most common example is that an individual can not yell "Fire" in a crowded theater. The fear of being trapped and dying in a fire can cause a stampede. This can lead to deaths through asphyxiation, from being crushed, from heart attacks.

The more expanded examples of unprotected speech include hate rhetoric spoken by someone who has a history of carrying out the rhetoric spoken. In a domestic situation where a person continually shows enraged behavior or physical abuse and uses words such as "I am going to kill you" and follows those words with physical action and the actions result in a police complaint being lodged, whether or not there is an arrest, those words can be used in criminal prosecution and are not protected under the law.

Protected speech can use the identical words and be considered protected because there is no physical violence to back up the use of the words.

Some Americans have even gone so far as to introduce legislation to ban the use of "One Nation Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance. The 9th Circuit Federal Appeals Court in San Francisco decreed that it is "unconstitutional" to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in schools and public gatherings, because it violates the separation of church and state. This decision was later overturned by the United States Supreme Court.

The New York City Council has made no mention of banning guinea wop, honky cracker, spic, wet back, mick, gook, faggot, dyke or any other racial, ethnic or sexual slur.

Thursday, March 1, 2007


1 March 2007
By Janet Walker

Congratulation to Martin Scorsese on his Oscar win!

Before being deleted as a writer/editor from the upstart New Service,, for posting an INTERNATIONAL NEWS SCOOP on The Rolling Stones being held hostage (story follows), I had posted an Oscar piece on Martin and other winners.

So today, I am devoting my blog to Martin Scorsese, a consummate New Yorker, whose movies are filled with New York stories.

I have loved Martin for half my life. It has been a half-life long love affair. Before I knew who he was I saw, what I thought was, an extra in Taxi Driver. This man in jeans, a smoldering gaze, black beard, handsome. I never saw him work again. Then I discovered it was Martin Scorsese. Then there were the occasional magazine articles, more movies, more respect.

Then, as I had just started my acting career, the very first day that I received my headshots back from the reproduction company and was debating, and this was a big question and required much thought, do you glue or do you staple the headshot to the resume?

Well, as I was debating this on a Friday morning at NYU, in the Journalism department, the phone rang. On the other end of the phone was MARTIN SCORESE'S Office!

That's a true story. The rest of the story is that in September 1995, Martin was making Casino and an assistant called the Journalism department and asked about a Broadcast Journalism student for an idea.

I never allow opportunity to knock without trying to shove my way in the door. It may not knock again. And you never known in New York when the light will turn green and Manhattan will come alive.

So I said, "Are you sure you're not looking for an actress with a headshot and resume?" They said they would ask. They called back and the next thing I know I am in Martin Scorsese's office!! Not kidding. I was interviewed by Thelma Schoonmaker, given a script, told what to do, to come back the next day, and they would film and edit me into Martin's idea.

I rehearsed all night. Being an artist I knew I could do it. Besides, I didn't have a choice. I was auditioning on film, a screen test, for Martin. What choice was there but get it right.

So I did. I would like to say that my acting career took off and, of course, Martin made me a superstar! That didn't happen . . . Yet.

I still believe that in this business you never know when you'll get the call. Until then, I still have my Universal Pictures pay stub! Because I did get paid for my work and car service home!

So, Martin I'm still available in New York still waiting for the call as I live the writer’s life.

Until later.

As they say in the news business: I Stand By My Story.

By Janet Walker

New York, NY – Members of the legendary rock and roll band The Rolling Stones were allegedly held hostage and assaulted during the press check-in and seating at the tony Juilliard School on Manhattan's Upper West Side as they prepared to announce their 2005 World Tour.

A man who was identified by a member of the Press Corp as Carter Conlon, Sr. Pastor of Times Square Church, was seen dressed in full New York Police Department uniform escorting a Ron Wood impersonator inside the barricades while the Press waited outside Lincoln Center's Vivian Beaumont Theater prior to check-in in May of 2005.

Allegedly, during the three-song set, premier guitarist Ron Wood was held as insurance and assaulted while the other members of the Rolling Stones began the sampling with their traditional "Start Me Up."

The impersonator identified as Neil Rhodes, Associate Pastor of Times Square Church, was dressed in a white suit and was standing in the background opposite drummer Charlie Watts away from public view.

NYPD made their presence known prior to the press check-in as they sent teams to survey and identify members of the press.

Carter Conlon has run the Upper West Side with the same ease as former underworld boss, Dapper Don, John Gotti since the early 1990's. His involvement in many un-investigated and therefore un-prosecuted crimes stems from his knowledge of both sides of the law as he is a former Canadian Police Officer and has the knowledge of how to entice and silence investigations.

Conlon, who impersonates with ease members of the NYPD detectives squad, instructed area newspapers and other media not to "run the story" and would have collected all press contacts. His assistance from Mid-town North Sergeant Hines and members of the 2-0, Manhattan's Upper West Side prescient, has made it possible for Conlon to escape numerous criminal investigations.

Conlon, as Sr. Pastor of David Wilkerson's Times Square Church announced to the congregation, immediately after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, a donation to the, New York Police Department's, Mid-Town North prescient of 250,000 dollars and to the New York Fire Department located at Eighth Avenue and 49th Street a 750,000 dollar donation.

The Stones went on to one of their most successful World Tours capping it off with a Super Bowl Half-Time performance and a documentary filmed by, newly knighted Oscar winner, Martin Scorsese live at New York's Beacon Theater.

At press time statements from the Rolling Stones representatives and the NYPD were unavailable.

This story, an INTERNATIONAL NEWS SCOOP, was deleted and locked out of circulation by my web employment, Gee, I wonder why?

until later - it's a writer's life for me.