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1 March 2007
By Janet Walker

Congratulation to Martin Scorsese on his Oscar win!

Before being deleted as a writer/editor from the upstart New Service,, for posting an INTERNATIONAL NEWS SCOOP on The Rolling Stones being held hostage (story follows), I had posted an Oscar piece on Martin and other winners.

So today, I am devoting my blog to Martin Scorsese, a consummate New Yorker, whose movies are filled with New York stories.

I have loved Martin for half my life. It has been a half-life long love affair. Before I knew who he was I saw, what I thought was, an extra in Taxi Driver. This man in jeans, a smoldering gaze, black beard, handsome. I never saw him work again. Then I discovered it was Martin Scorsese. Then there were the occasional magazine articles, more movies, more respect.

Then, as I had just started my acting career, the very first day that I received my headshots back from the reproduction company and was debating, and this was a big question and required much thought, do you glue or do you staple the headshot to the resume?

Well, as I was debating this on a Friday morning at NYU, in the Journalism department, the phone rang. On the other end of the phone was MARTIN SCORESE'S Office!

That's a true story. The rest of the story is that in September 1995, Martin was making Casino and an assistant called the Journalism department and asked about a Broadcast Journalism student for an idea.

I never allow opportunity to knock without trying to shove my way in the door. It may not knock again. And you never known in New York when the light will turn green and Manhattan will come alive.

So I said, "Are you sure you're not looking for an actress with a headshot and resume?" They said they would ask. They called back and the next thing I know I am in Martin Scorsese's office!! Not kidding. I was interviewed by Thelma Schoonmaker, given a script, told what to do, to come back the next day, and they would film and edit me into Martin's idea.

I rehearsed all night. Being an artist I knew I could do it. Besides, I didn't have a choice. I was auditioning on film, a screen test, for Martin. What choice was there but get it right.

So I did. I would like to say that my acting career took off and, of course, Martin made me a superstar! That didn't happen . . . Yet.

I still believe that in this business you never know when you'll get the call. Until then, I still have my Universal Pictures pay stub! Because I did get paid for my work and car service home!

So, Martin I'm still available in New York still waiting for the call as I live the writer’s life.

Until later.

As they say in the news business: I Stand By My Story.

By Janet Walker

New York, NY – Members of the legendary rock and roll band The Rolling Stones were allegedly held hostage and assaulted during the press check-in and seating at the tony Juilliard School on Manhattan's Upper West Side as they prepared to announce their 2005 World Tour.

A man who was identified by a member of the Press Corp as Carter Conlon, Sr. Pastor of Times Square Church, was seen dressed in full New York Police Department uniform escorting a Ron Wood impersonator inside the barricades while the Press waited outside Lincoln Center's Vivian Beaumont Theater prior to check-in in May of 2005.

Allegedly, during the three-song set, premier guitarist Ron Wood was held as insurance and assaulted while the other members of the Rolling Stones began the sampling with their traditional "Start Me Up."

The impersonator identified as Neil Rhodes, Associate Pastor of Times Square Church, was dressed in a white suit and was standing in the background opposite drummer Charlie Watts away from public view.

NYPD made their presence known prior to the press check-in as they sent teams to survey and identify members of the press.

Carter Conlon has run the Upper West Side with the same ease as former underworld boss, Dapper Don, John Gotti since the early 1990's. His involvement in many un-investigated and therefore un-prosecuted crimes stems from his knowledge of both sides of the law as he is a former Canadian Police Officer and has the knowledge of how to entice and silence investigations.

Conlon, who impersonates with ease members of the NYPD detectives squad, instructed area newspapers and other media not to "run the story" and would have collected all press contacts. His assistance from Mid-town North Sergeant Hines and members of the 2-0, Manhattan's Upper West Side prescient, has made it possible for Conlon to escape numerous criminal investigations.

Conlon, as Sr. Pastor of David Wilkerson's Times Square Church announced to the congregation, immediately after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, a donation to the, New York Police Department's, Mid-Town North prescient of 250,000 dollars and to the New York Fire Department located at Eighth Avenue and 49th Street a 750,000 dollar donation.

The Stones went on to one of their most successful World Tours capping it off with a Super Bowl Half-Time performance and a documentary filmed by, newly knighted Oscar winner, Martin Scorsese live at New York's Beacon Theater.

At press time statements from the Rolling Stones representatives and the NYPD were unavailable.

This story, an INTERNATIONAL NEWS SCOOP, was deleted and locked out of circulation by my web employment, Gee, I wonder why?

until later - it's a writer's life for me.

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