Wednesday, February 28, 2007

By Janet Walker
28 February 2007

The writer's life, my life is a life of poetry, lyrics, journalist, blogger, screen writer, a collector of words and experiences.

I have written many things. My writer's life goes in cycles: Janet the poet; the romance novelist with a french accent, a news reporter, tough journalist, spiritually enlightened author, journal writer, all phases of my writer's life.

Written experiences are why we read and what we hope for, why we escape to the movies. I promised myself I would not get caught up with some one whom I care for deeply. I have a relationship with someone who knew me in my before life - before tragedy. He knew me then and he knows me now. He is every woman's list. Fun, smart, financially independent, good looking, great taste in clothes, doesn't need any (much) work. On the exterior he is fabulous; emotionally he's removed. I just don't think as much as he sends the signals that he wants them to be intercepted. I think he just wants to send the signals.

The blogger is supposed to weave experience with a diary journal and hope for the best. The experience of a writer's life in Manhattan is filled with recording more than history "for that," as Lawrence Durell said in The Alexandria Quartet, "is simply an Historian."

A writer combines experiences and moves them into settings - like the clothing in a J.P. Peterman Catalogue. I saw a white gauze shirt by Ralph Lauren during a recent trip to Lord & Taylor's and then the white shirt became, "The white gauze shirt shown against the black diamond sky as we laughed over our missed train through the Sahara."

The writer's life for me. S0me times fun, some times sad, some times my escape into a life I never had, but always, the only life for me.

until later.

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